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Posted: October 31, 2006 in Ama Time

The article on Ama and kids can be read in issue no. 38 of Mommy Baby.

Everyone looked bad in the photos, thought. 😦

Bar B Q Plaza

Posted: October 28, 2006 in Family Time


There’s a Thai Steamboat B.B.Q place in One Utama. It has Aba’s favourite pork medallions sliced thin for self-service ‘B.B.Q’ (actually it’s just hot plate cooking); Ama’s fresh prawns and scallop; and chicken for the Twins. But as far as May is concerned, this place is known as only ‘Bacon’ (Yes, they serve bacon at a steamboat place. Weird, I know).


Posted: October 26, 2006 in The Kids

BLOOD on the lounge floor!! 

Upon discovery, a frantic search of all family member’s feet was conducted. It was much later that Ama found out that Sarn had cut his pinky and bled on parts of his shirts as well 😦 ! 


Sarn had cried earlier but no one realized that he had been hurt. When it was known, he was confused about the fuss. For a moment, he tried to decide which hand was injured, then stretched out the right pinky to be kissed – SO CUTE.

Posted: October 24, 2006 in Before Marriage

A long, long time ago… in 2001 actually 😛 , Aba and Ama tried one of those arcade machines that took a photo of couples and then came up with a hybrid picture of what their child (of ± 10 years) would look like:- 

So, does it look like Jern, Sarn or May??


Posted: October 22, 2006 in Ama Time

连续两晚的聚餐, 真的累垮了.
由整装待发 (替自己, 替孩子) 到聚餐时看管孩子们的那些‘精力’, 最后回到家后还要‘服侍’他们吃喝拉撒, 冲凉, 睡觉. 一个字, ‘累’.
很少带孩子们参加聚餐或出外用餐. 我要孩子们注意 table manner (无论在 Mamak, 酒楼, 餐厅或酒店), 我从不允许孩子们用餐途中跑去玩. 但,要同一时间让两个一岁多的孩子乖乖的坐在高椅上2~3个小时,那就比较困难了. 媄, 经过了常年的‘洗脑’, 除非有其他小朋友的‘诱惑’, 不然完全不会吵着跑去玩, 而且随着年龄的增长, 她已经会和其他人讲话来打发时间. 但,以真和善来讲, so far, 两个小时是他们的极限. 加上, 华人的聚餐(由等人来齐到出菜到吃完)通常没有3~4小时都不会结束. 现阶段,要参加聚餐, 真的要三思而后行 🙂


Posted: October 21, 2006 in Ama Time

不知从何时开始, 喜欢给生日的, 给新婚的, 给新生的…. 动手制造卡. 还记得以前还在念书时 (应该是婚前 😛 ) 每逢生日, 总会收到一位要好朋友亲手制造的卡. 虽然每次都是小到不能再小+通常只容纳一两句祝福语+(应该是)随手从杂志上剪来(不确题)的图片的卡, 但都总会觉得很窝心. 每隔一段时间, 喜欢把那堆旧到发黄的卡拿出来‘从温旧梦’, 喜欢和May分享‘卡’的故事. 很surprise的是, May也渐渐地喜欢自己动手制造卡.除了开始时需要Aba或Ama的协助,现在她已经可以依自己的喜爱完成一张卡了. 好感动哦. (注: 她自己动手的第一张卡就是为Ama所做的 😀 , Aba?!?! 排第二).


Posted: October 20, 2006 in The Kids


Watercolor is May’s preferred medium nowadays.


Aba, in May-vision 😛 (watercolor on paper, by May).