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Posted: October 19, 2006 in Family & Friends

Dear Mr & Mrs Rob Street,


In keeping with our own traditions. We present an AUSPISCIOUS gift on your wedding, may the union last till ‘all you hair turn white’ (an alliteration from Chinese meaning more or less for ‘the rest of your lives’). 


The Chinese words are ‘Kuai Zi’ (筷子), which sound like ‘Kuai Zi’ (快子) 🙂 , meaning Children Quick. We wish you a fruitful marriage!!



Posted: October 18, 2006 in Ama Time

今天, 到现在都还没有水来. 浑身很不自在. ‘不自在不是因为没有水冲涼, 是因为没有水来, 不用煮饭, 不用洗碗, 不用帮孩子们冲涼之下, 变成太得空’. 偏偏孩子们今天都比较独立’, 自己又找不到东西来做结果搞到坐立不安’. 😦


Posted: October 14, 2006 in Family & Friends

Today, on occasion of May’s Godmother visiting from

Hong Kong, the Family went for KARAOKE in Times Square, joined by Aba’s cousin + wife, and another friend.

And YES, ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ was performed by May  🙂

Chapter 1: Adventure

Posted: October 13, 2006 in Good Reads

Chapter 1: Adventure 

It was not a good time to be a farmer. But it was even worse when marauding bandits decided to make a house call…

Not that Wykka Lotus had much time of a choice in the matter . He had little schooling, and knew no trade save the tending of vegetables. It was a full-time job: He woke up at the crack of dawn, and worked till the cows came home. Literally.

Life was, to put it simply, backbreaking.

Wykka’s father got his broken by taking the gods’ express coach from the roof of the Blue Mug Inn, straight down to Chester Street. As drunken suicides went, it was about the dumbest way to go. The Blue Mug Inn was only two stories tall – as opposed to, say, the town watchtower (nine stories). He was still just a bloody spread on the pavement, either way. But at least, he eould not have to be run over by three carriages, before expiring.

They buried him next to his wife. Wykka’s mother had the distinction of being the only person known to sie trying to mate a bear with a cow. She figured that they would get crossbreeds that were immune to wolf raids. She got a very crossed bear which took out most of her face. After five years, the senior Lotus had finally given in to his longing for her, and jumped.

By way of inheritance, Wykka was given two dependents, and a mountain of debt tied to the family farm.

The dependents were his younger sisters – thirteen and fourteen years old, respectively. They were neither cute, nor cuddly. Actually, they were pretty huge specimens, just like their parents. Wykka, though, was of middling height and built.

Truth to tell, Wykka had always suspected that he was adopted; but it was entirely possible that the size discrepancy was merely caused by stunded growth. After all, he had been working on the farm since he was eight. He was almost sixteen now, and still smaller than either of his siblings.

The sisters had always used their superiority in size to make Wykka do what they wanted. This is included ensuring that h worked a full ten-hour day. They needed to money to buy important stuff like face powder and rouge. Thanks to the aggressive advertising by the local tailors, they just had to own their latest designs every season. And then there was that dowry…

What they could not get by whining, they took from Wykka with persuasive gravity. This was to say that they sat on him, and refused to get up until he acquiesced to their demands.

It was therefore a bit of shock for Wykka to find that he did care for them, after all. This was just after bandits threatened to kill them, if he did not hand over all his money.

The said bandits had come to their isolated little farm around dusk. There were six of them, on horseback. Wykka was just returning to the cottage, fron the fields. He saw them cresting the horizon, and knew them for what they were. Heart hammering, he stood his ground and readied his weapon. He had been using that particular ploughshare for seven years, and knew that they would not find him easy prey…

                                              to be continued…


Posted: October 13, 2006 in Family Time


20061011, South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan 侄子幼儿园的恩亲晚会.

But… 原定于7时正开始的晚会, 由于 大人物的珊珊来迟, 搞到第一个表演开始时,已经差不多 8:10pm. 大人物, 难道迟点到才能显示出你有多重要吗?? (最早那个7:15pm / 最迟那个7:40pm). OK,人来齐了, 还得等比较重要那几个先讲几句话,再来个大开幕,才有得看表演. L

Made In ‘CHINA’

Posted: October 10, 2006 in Aba Time

May and Aba had a ‘clay date’ at a children’s workshop at Ikano last Saturday. This place provides, for a near exorbitant price, an opportunity for parent and child to make use of their facilities to create artistic expressions from lumps and clay.  

As bonus, they also give pointers on making these ‘art’ pieces less horrendous, before sending the amateur creations to the ‘kiln people’ for porcelain transformation (known in olden times as ‘china’). 

May and Aba had a great time!! 

As memorabilia went, it must be conceded that all the best stuff comes from China nowadays… J

A Midautumn Night’s Dream

Posted: October 6, 2006 in Family Time

Not to be confused with Shakespear’s famous play, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, the middle of the 8th month in the Chinese calendar marks the Midautumn Festival, aka ‘Mooncake Festival’, which is the most important festival of the season, traditionally held at night, with plenty of activities to assist young people to meet their ‘Dream’ lover. Sadly, the latter part has been mostly deleted in the modern times. 

This year, we celebrated by surviving the mad rush to the uncle-in-laws, where relatives had gathered for Moon gazing, gluttony, and more social interaction then married people with kids are accustomed to.


Serdang was crammed with cars parked on both sides of very, very tiny roads, resulting in massive bottlenecks all over the place. Every house seemed to be hosting a gathering, and beautiful Chinese lanterns lit up their garden in a rare, beautiful display of cultural roots. Occasionally one could witness impressive fireworks bursting in the sky – despite the ban on such things still being in effect.


After stuffing ourselves with a buffet style dinner at the usual Chinese fare, Aba and Ama knocked a bit, while the others played with the kids. May got to play with some ‘pop’ fireworks, though there were no sparkles. Jern and Sarn wowed everyone and also got to chew on some old CDs when no one was watching.

All too soon, the ‘Dream’ was over, and Aba and Ama had to go back to taking care of the kids back at home. J