Chapter 1: Adventure.. Page 2

Posted: November 11, 2006 in Good Reads

Chapter 1: Page 1

Reality, however, was a cruel mistress. It took the bandits about ten minutes to rope Wykka and his sisters in.

Then the interrogation began. These were hardened criminals, grim of face and unscrupulous in deed. Yet, they knew not the cardinal rule, ‘Only the rich are worth stealing from’.

After the fifth time Wykka swore on his father’s grave that all he had were seven copper pieces, they lost patience.

To show their viciousness, they killed his sisters before raping them. Or maybe the prospect of contending with ham-sized limbs trashing about was too much, even for them. Of course, it could be that they were necrophiliacs, who could not get off any other way.

Wykka was forced to watch the grisly desecrations. Tears welled unbidden in his eyes. He may not like his sisters much, but they were all the family he had left.

‘Well, just imagine what we could do to you,’ the leader of the bandits threatened, after the last of his men were done with the corpses, ‘Ready to come clean with us now, punk? Where’s the rest of the gawdem money?!’

Wykka wa not a violent person by nature. But if he had not been bound, he would have lunged at the bandit leader, screaming for blood.

As it was, he struggled impotently against the ropes holding him. He nearly popped a vein, beaming the strongest glare of hatred he had ever managed in his young life. It did not vaporise the bandits, as he had hoped.

The bandit chief sighed in disappointment. ‘Ahh, fok’it. Do the little runt and torch the place.’

The men closed in with their knives, grinning evilly.

Wykka thought he saw the story of his short life flicker before his eyes…

It was at this moment that a booming voice cut through like a razor, ‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Let the boy go. Now.’

The bandits spun around. Standing before them was a bearded dwarf. They took in his warhammer and chainmail, and knew him for a warrior. Dwarves usually kept to their mountain kingdoms and were rarely seen outside. They were reputed to be pretty good in fight. Still, it was difficult to take the warning of a midget seriously.

‘Looks like this outing’s going to pay off after all,’ the bandit chief chuckled, ‘ Take him! That armour ought to fetch a pretty piece.’


                                            to be continued

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