Penang Trip

Posted: November 13, 2006 in The Kids

Penang Trip, 6 a.m., day one. ‘Blur Sotong’ May wakes up and gets a call from Ama. Why is it dark already? Aren’t they supposed to go to Penang that day? <she thought she had missed the day, sleeping> 🙂 .  

She kept telling Ama about the trip, repeatedly…

·   feeding turtle at Kek Lok Si Temple

·   stayed at hotel (hotel room Very Big (huh?))

·   pampered by whole bus’ fellow tourists (cuz she’s the only kids!)

·   saw some snakes (from afar – cuz she’s afraid)


·   went to a rice factory (and got a pack of free rice for being cute?!?!)

·   bought Tao Sa biscuits for Aba and Ama, and fishing game for Twins 

May enjoyed herself and can’t wait for next trip!!

  1. Yuki says:

    May, how about a trip with 契媽 to Hong Kong next time?


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