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Nothing Doing

Posted: December 31, 2006 in Family & Friends

After the X-mas eve madness, the Family decided to give New Year Countdown a pass. 

Ama spent half a day to clean the house and the Family went for a simple dinner at Fatty Mok’s, followed by a visit to the nearby cousin’s place.


Went for supper with them and grabbed some DVDs to watch!!


New Year Coming

Posted: December 31, 2006 in Family Time

Lunch at Marché Movenpick. Kids had fun at the playground. 

There was some games going on at the nearby Cineleisure Mall. First it was that original stacker game:-

And then it was Snake and Ladders Live!

Bought a HP all-in-one fax-copier-scanner. Aba got himself an X-box 360! 🙂 


Party Mode

Posted: December 29, 2006 in The Kids

When the kids wake up, the first thing they do is put on their party masks, as if it’s still X-mas! 


But it’s not. There was no party to attend. Aba and Ama took the Twins to be JABBED by the doctor, instead. 


Good Helper

Posted: December 28, 2006 in The Kids


Baby in diaper helping to carry diaper supplies for someone else…

Milk Bottle

Posted: December 28, 2006 in The Kids

When Jern is instructed to feed Baby Elmo (toy) milk, he takes the toy’s milk bottle and sticks it in his own mouth! Jern will even feed little brother Sarn with the milk bottle. 

Aww so cute!

X-mas Day 2006

Posted: December 26, 2006 in Family & Friends, Family Time

The kids slept in late due to the activities of the previous night, and when they woke up… 

SURPRISE! Big X-mas present! 


It was a kitchen play set – UNASSEMBLED.

It took a good 40 minutes of hard work to get it into this –

Putting in all the screws was a real chore! But there was no time to play. With reluctance, the kids left the big new toy and followed Aba and Ama to Crown Princess for the X-mas Buffet + Kids Party. Met up with some friends from Singapore.


May even got to play some kiddie games at the party though she didn’t win anything (she was too young). After the buffet, the kids had fun at the makeshift playground just outside the Grand Ballroom… 

And then it was back to the Wong Residence, for the long awaited chance (at least for May) to play with the kitchen set. 

For dinner, the Family adjourned to a friend’s BIG house, together with two of Ama’s old classmates (and partners).  

The after-dinner entertainment there was Karaoke… 

But they didn’t have any kiddie songs 😦, so the kids made to do with wrecking the living room (especially the Twins!), May got to do the Hiking Exercise…  


Everyone had a great time. 


Phew!! What a day.

X-mas Eve Madness

Posted: December 25, 2006 in Family Time

The Family reached the Bukit Bintang (literally ‘Star Hill’) area at a ludicrously early 8.00p.m. (or thereabouts) for operation: Countdown to X-mas 2006, and promptly parked at Imbi Plaza (RM4 per entry) to avoid the already developing jam farther in. It was just a prelude to the HAVOC that would soon grip the ENTIRE city section in a VICE of UNINHIBITED MADNESS. 

Kids in tow, Aba and Ama proceeded to WALK all the way to the Star Hill shopping centre, with rapidly evaporating hope that a table would be available at one of the posh restaurants there. Signs of overcrowding became increasingly evident en route. 

The intersection in front of Maybank was jammed with people. One could not walk 2 feet without being accosted by a street vendor trying to sell either: Cans of ‘Snow’ spray; Christmas hats; Assorted cute headwear; or other festive items. The Family resisted for as long as humanly possible (i.e. 2 minutes), before Ama bought May a cute white star-antennae thingie to wear… 

Armed with nauseating cuteness, the Family proceeded to the shopping centre. Children, adults and senior citizens fell by the wayside (lots of Ang Mohs included) – prey to the INVINCIBLE-OH-SOOOO-CUTE-SYNDROME caused by Jern Sarn May. 

At the shopping centre, operation: Countdown soon turned into a more immediate operation: Cari Makan. After trotting through all the floors and dozens of packed restaurants, it became apparent that not even Badawi was going to get served in a timely fashion here. The Family would have to find dinner outside the shopping centre. Having spent a goodly hour or so trudging around the crowds, the Family finally got out. It was not a complete waste of time, though. There were TWO gains:

1. Ama got to see Starhill’s impressive renovations from several years ago for the 1st time.

2. May saw some fake snow falls at the entrance. 

The Family trudged back through the crowds (now, much more beefed up), intending to take dinner at Outback’s. And promptly got SEPERATED. After some frantic calls, the Family managed to reunite. In the process, and Ang Moh family benefited from directions by Ama. Malaysians in PARTY MODE can be SCARY. So like a good citizen, Ama had to do something for our image.  

At Outback’s, the Family was dismayed to find that it was also all booked (what a ‘surprise’; we should have known). In frustration, the Family took dinner at the nearby ‘Sapporo Noodle House’, which was relatively quiet. But by the time the Family finished, it was at FULL CAPACITY. 

Now the crowds had really turned lunatic. As the Family beat a quick retreat in the ‘safety’ of the car, trying to get back to the Wong Residence, foam spray fights were erupting everywhere around Bukit Bintang, clogging up the traffic, ringing up a humongous cleaning bill for the city council, and generally creating absolute CHAOS on the streets… 

It was obvious that if you’re a cute girl in a hot dress, you’re getting SPRAYED no matter what. In retaliation, entire gangs of girls go around with spray cans. Even SMALL LITTLE GIRLS are getting into the act!! 

May was ‘sprayed’ and got a fright. Luckily, it was only at the car window… 

The madness of the crowd is obvious, because EVEN Ama got deliberately sprayed?!?! 

The car was a mess by the time the Family got home. But X-mas 2006 was only just beginning…

                                              [ to be continued…]