Chapter 1: Adventure.. Page 4

Posted: December 7, 2006 in Good Reads

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‘Rare when I’m around, but it happens when the goods are valuable enough. I’m a bodyguard-for-hire.’

‘Are you offering me a job?’

‘What I’m saying is: You can tag along. Food and accommodation provided. If you put in a good showing, I’ll even pay you something from the booty – so to speak.’

‘Become a mercenary? But, but… I don’t know how to fight. I don’t even have a weapon. They broke my favourite ploughshare… <sob>’

Max had a rumbling laugh, ‘Ploughshare? That’s not a weapon. You can have my spare axe, though. I could show you a few moves. If you turn out all right, you can stay with us after Old Shanty’s contract.’

‘What about the farm?’

Max threw him a questioning look, ‘What about it?’

‘It’s my only inheritance,’ Wykka replied, lamely.

‘It’s laden with debt, and you don’t earn enough from it to buy ale,’ Max pointed out.

Wykka thought about it, for ten seconds. ‘You’re right,’ he said. ‘I should ditch the farm. It’s pure liability now that my sisters are gone. It’s just that…’

Max was understanding, ‘I know it’s scary to go out into the world for the first time. But it’s a whole new experience. You’re a young man. You should go see the world.’

‘I don’t know…’

Max shrugged, ‘Or, you could decide to plant turnips for the rest of your life…’

‘I hate turnips. They can’t hold a patch of earth on their own, not even for a week. Against weeds, they last about three days. And they taste like… turnips.’


Wykka frowned and bit his lip for a few minutes. Then he turned to walk back to the cottage.

‘Is that a yes or no?’ Max asked.

‘Give me an hour. I have to pack my things.’

‘You need an hour to string together a bedroll and a toothbrush? It’s not like you have anythingworth taking.’

‘I thought my sisters would like it if I buried them and left some flowers at their grave.’

‘I hope this doesn’t mean that you’re thinking of avenging them, as well.’

‘Who knows? Maybe I’ll meet those bandits again, afterI’ve gotten better with that spare axe of yours.’

‘You’ll have to be, if you’re planning to survive that long.’


                                                to be continued

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