Chapter 1: Adventure.. Page 5

Posted: December 17, 2006 in Good Reads

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They met Eladred at the Blue Mug Inn. To Wykka’ surprise, Max’s friend turned out to be an elf. He had heard that dwarves and elves did not get along too well. Apparently, that did not apply to these two. As they entered into a well-practised ritual of back slapping, Wykka took the opportunity to have a good look at the elf.

Like all elves, Eladred was around five feet tall, and slight. His hair was yellow and his eyes were green, slanted. Two pointy ears stuck out from his head like the antennae of a bumble bee. Wykka had been told that elves were fair folk. This one liiked like a child’s rendition of a clown, minus the bulbous nose. It was probably due to his foppish grin.

That smile vanished upon Max’s introdution of Wykka, ‘This is Wykka Lotus. He’ll be joining us for Old Shanty’s contract. We’ll see what happens after that.’

‘Oh no!! Don’t tell me you’re picking up strays again,’ the elf complained in a whinny voice.

Ignoring the protest, Max continued, ‘Wykka, this is Eladred Bowman. Don’t be fooled by his appearance – he’s one of the deadliest archers alive.’

‘You know, I take exception to being described as “Iudicrous”,’ Eladred objected.

‘Pleased to meet you, Sir Eladred,’ Wykka said respectfully, checking his mirth.

The elf harrumphed, ‘You know what happened to the last stray, don’t you?’

Wykka directed an inquistive look at Max. The dwarf shook his head, as if to say that it was not important.

Eladred continued, ‘Yeah, that’s right. Keep them in the dark. How many times must I tell you, Max? You can’t just pick up strays to do our kind of work! No matter howpathetic they look! It’s dangerous and irresponsible. Only experienced warriors should be allowed to join us -‘

‘He’s not sharing any of the profits,’ Max cut in. ‘And I’ll be responsible for his food and lodging.’

The elf’s mouth remained open for a good five seconds, before he clamped it shut. ‘Oh. It’s all right then.’

And they proceeded to some serious drinking.

It was well past midnight before they dragged themselves to bed.

‘Don’t mind Eladred,’ Max told Wykka just before they turned in. ‘In spite of his bluster, he’s got his heart in the right place.’

Wykka was roo drunk to take notice.


                                                 to be continued

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