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Swollen Eye

Posted: March 31, 2007 in Family Time, The Kids

May rubbed her eye so hard that it became swollen!

Aba and Ama panicked, and rushed to nearby ENT clinic, but it was closed. Then, the Family went to the kid’s children clinic, but it was also not open.  

Finally, the Family just went to a general clinic, and got some eye drops. By then the swelling had subsided slightly already. 

Because of this, the Family was late for a friend’s steamboat party.

It was more a post wedding dinner, but had special significance – Aba and Ama were the ones who introduced the bride and groom. 

The night ended with Karaoke and the Kids running riot in the living room despite May’s still swollen eye. 



Posted: March 30, 2007 in The Kids

Jern once bit another baby at the airport, causing the father of that baby to demand that Ama slap Jern. 

Today, Jern, in the guise of a lion*, bit Sarn, IN THE FACE, causing Ama to slap Jern! 



* Ama bought matching hats for Lion, Tiger and Deer (the kids picked their own animals!).  

For the rest of the day, the Lion and Tiger tried to eat the Deer 

May (tiger) kept telling the Deer (Sarn) that Lion and Tiger are Man-eaters and were going to eat the Deer. So cute!


Posted: March 29, 2007 in The Kids

One of May’s favourite pastimes is Batik painting, she can sit quietly painting for 2~3 hours. 


The Batik painting set contains the cloth with wax lines, brush and paints. 

Work of Art (?)

Posted: March 27, 2007 in The Kids

Porcelain Train, by May Wong (priceless, biding at £100,000). 


There’s been a change of instructor at the workshop since May was last there. 

Perbarisan Polis

Posted: March 25, 2007 in Family Time

The Family went to the Independence Square (Dataran Merdeka) for the Perbarisan 200 Tahun Pasukan Polis 


It was scorching hot, and the car had to be parked far away because the main road was closed. At around 2:30, the sky divers landed. A pair of helicopters came after to unload special forces, commando style, for exhibition purpose. 

There were not many booths and the festive mood was tepid at best.  There was also a sort of synchronized martial art show. 

After 2 hours of milling around (without seeing a single another Chinese face), the Family had to bow to the heat and go home. 

Fun Day

Posted: March 24, 2007 in Family Time

Enfagrow Carnival and Aerospace Adventure 2007 at Megamall. 


Fun and games for the Family. 


Batik Painting


Met Aba’s cousin and her 2 sons (May’s friends). 


Posted: March 23, 2007 in The Kids

The Twins’ vocabulary consists of only please, se-se (thank you), bus, baba, mama, jay-jay and a few basic words related to food and toys. They have a lot of self-invented words though! 

They still can’t say yes or no, using nods and headshakes instead. 

They’ll use please and sign language to ask for things, and se-se after they get what they wanted. Most importantly, they can understand all instructions from Ama. 🙂