Busy Day

Posted: March 10, 2007 in Family & Friends

It began the night before. May borrowed Aba’s alarm clock so that she won’t wake up late the next morning. 

At approximately 10:15am, Aba and May arrived at level 30, Menara Citibank to register attendance with the Japan Foundation (Ama and Twins still sleeping at home).

After 3 hours, Aba made this: 

While May watched (she was afraid of needles). How many days will it take for Ama to complete? 

May was the youngest and Aba was the only other guy in a full class. 

The sensei was Japanese and a translator was used.

Ama came with the Twins by train to meet up with May and Aba for lunch; it was Genki Sushi at KLCC. 

Since May didn’t use her Chirimen Kit during class, she brought it home for Ama to try. 

The Family adjourned back home. 

And then it was off to Ama’s friend’s wedding dinner. Once again, Aba is the lone guy at the table. 

The groom was also a twin, like Jern Sarn, but IDENTICAL can cause double vision! 

  1. Edward says:

    what’s a pity, i was not able to attend


  2. wong says:

    where were you!!


  3. Edward says:

    i attended my cousin sis ‘s wedding at Puchong


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