March Wedding II

Posted: March 17, 2007 in Family & Friends

Aba got up at 8:30am and got to the groom’s house before 8:30am (1st arrive!) for part one of the marriage proceedings that day.

Left the groom’s house at around 9:30am, with some of the Brothers entourage arriving at the last minute! 


Arrived at the bride’s house slightly early and so the groom and brothers sat down for a light breakfast and chit chat, while waiting for the bride and her sisters to get ready (no, really). 

There were only 3 demands by the sisters –  

  1. 1. love song (groom and brothers sang ‘Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You’)
  2. 2. Give 5 reasons why the groom wanted to marry the bride (easy!)
  3. 3. Drink chili concoction (uggh!) 

The sisters also demanded RM9,999 but agreed to just 3 ang pows. And the groom got into the room!  Tea ceremonies was next, before the bride and groom went back to the groom’s house for more of the same. 

In the evening, Ama and the Kids joined in for the wedding dinner at Sheraton Subang. 

There was a long reception and a nice video of the day’s proceeding on projector display for the guests’ viewing. 

And, there was the usual yam seng.

The Twins were badly behaved because of Aba and Ama’s mistake of putting them in the baby chairs too early. They grew restless and made a nuisance of themselves. 

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