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Baa Baa Black Sheep

Posted: May 31, 2007 in The Kids

May likes to change the lyrics of songs. Here is one of them: 

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool? 
Yes sir! Yes sir! Three bags full 
One for Wong Wayjern
One for the Wong Waysarn
And one for the little Jyejye lives down the lane.



Posted: May 30, 2007 in Family Time

Ama在厨房准备晚饭时候, 在旁观看的媄发现一只蟑螂. 

“Ama, 全部昆虫都有antenna ?”

. 又是一个又一个答不完的问题 

忙到昏的Ama为了打发媄只好告诉她Ama现在要专心煮饭, 煮完饭后才慢慢给她解释. 但在等Ama的同时她可以先问问刚好在家的公公. 

公公. antenna要来做什么的?” 

不知道Ama和媄之前谈话内容的公公随口就回答说:“, antenna是用来看电视或收听电台节目.” 


结果Ama花了更多时间来纠正媄对昆虫也爱看电视的想法. :@ 

Top Hat Master Chef

Posted: May 30, 2007 in Family Time

Ever since May missed the last Pizza-making workshop last school holiday, May has been asking about it every time the Family is at the Curve, where the workshop is conducted. 

Last Sunday, spotting the Pirate’s Catch Pizza Making workshop’s banner at Marché, Ama quickly registered for May. 

Unfortunately, this time it was available only on weekday, so Aba couldn’t go. 

May was so excited that so packed everything (including apron) for the workshop the night before, and woke up super early this morning. 

Ama took the Kids there by 1:30 – but the workshop only started at 2:00.  May refused to walk around the mall and insisted on waiting there until it started. 

There were 13 participants but 1 of them refused to put on the apron and wash hands, so the workshop ended with only 12 participants. 

May was the youngest and shortest! She needed a stool to work at the table. 

The teacher demonstrated the pizza-making – rolling the dough, putting toppings, etc. – before the kids started. 

May put a lot of pineapple (for Ama) but only a little capsicum (cuz May thought it was spicy). May’s pizza ended looking like a mound due to the overabundant toppings. 

The Twins observed happily atop their high chairs, from afar (pacified by Ama’s lollipops!). 

Finally, it was off to the oven with the pizzas. While waiting for the pizzas to bake, the kids were given paper and pencil games on a piece of paper to keep them occupied (mazes, sudoku, etc). 

And the pizzas were finally ready! A much older boy called Jonathan got a prize for making the best pizza.  

May got a certificate for Top Hat Master Chef. 


Ama and the Kids got to eat May’s pizza, but May insisted on saving a piece for Aba. 

Now, May can’t wait for the next workshop, when the Twins are older, so that she can bring them along. 

May now insists that she knows how to make pizza repeatedly. 


Posted: May 28, 2007 in The Kids

, 23个月大了! 

从过去几个星期的种种迹象看来, ,善的 第一反抗期 – Terrible Two’s” 来临了!! 

要不要吃饭?” “不要
要不要冲凉?” “不要
请把玩具给收拾好.” “不要
要不要出去散步?” “不要” (口说不要却跑去穿鞋 @@) 

无论Ama说什么, 他们就说. T_T 

不然的话, 他们总会故意做一些Ama禁止他们做的事 玩水 (把水瓶里头的水倒到满地都是), 进厨房玩, 散步时走在路中间来若火Ama. 

由于他们总是想到要做什么就做什么, 所以经常都会做出一些别出心裁的事  

除此之外, 他们也很爱闹情绪, 而且还很极端哦. 这一分钟高高兴兴, 活泼可爱地像只小兔子, 下一份钟可能会乱发脾气, 变成一只暴躁不安的老虎打起架来 

Ama为了屈服真, . 很多时候都实施高压政策 (讲不听就骂, 骂不听就罚, 连罚都不怕就打). 但真,善往往都会大哭大闹一阵子才肯收场. 

前一段时间有一则报导指出, 许多婴儿一起哭闹的声音 (many babies crying) – 在世界上最可怕的声音 (Most Horrible Sound in The World) 排行榜得第三名. 

之前对报导的可靠性还有所保留的Ama终于接受事实了. 不但如此, Ama还发觉到, 不需许多婴儿, 只要两个差不多两岁的小朋友同时的哭闹声就可以体验到它的可怕性. 

! Ama 又有出去打工的念头了 (上一回是真,善出世后没多久). 

Shrek and Princess Fiona

Posted: May 28, 2007 in Family Time

The Twins had been playing with Ama’s Shrek and Princess Fiona toys at Apo’s house. 

After observing them a while, Apo asked Jern how to operate the Shrek sound effects. 

So Jern showed Apo how to press the chest button. 

‘I’m an Ogre. Burp!’ 

Happily, Apo tried to operate the Princess Fiona toy in the same manner. 

But after pressing all over the toy’s body… no sound!! 

Having observed Apo mumbling to herself trying to get the toy to speak, Jern helpfully swung his arm, punctuating it with ‘hand! hand!’. 

You had to turn the toy’s arm to get the sound!! 

Jern so cute! 

It’s Weekend!

Posted: May 26, 2007 in Family Time

The Family went to KLCC for lunch and found that there was a Safari Adventure for kids. 

So May bugged Aba until Aba agreed to take her there… 

Ama took the Twins for a stroll around the mall while May and Aba was there (the Twins were too young to participate). 

May won a lot of prizes and collected all the stamps on the entry ticket to get a special prize (a colourful pen). 

The prizes turned out to be a bunch of junk food. May wondered why they were giving her so much of bad stuff!?! 

At night, blur sotong Ama made Aba go down to the car to look for Ivan (Jern’s softoy) 3 TIMES! Despite Aba saying that it was not in the car. 

It turned out to be in May’s bag all along, back in the house. 

Looks like Jern will be able to sleep after all (with Ivan)!

Day & Night

Posted: May 23, 2007 in Family Time


Ama went to the convenience store and bought a bunch of creamed buns for the Family’s breakfast. 

Cashier: “Is your family having bread eating competition?”  

Ama: Grrrr…   

(Actually it’s only 2 buns for each family member! )___________________________________________________


Aba came back from work and saw Ama lying down on the couch, tired. 

So, Aba cooked dinner! 

It was fish and chips (with egg, sunny side up). 🙂