Cake Cutting Ceremony… as promised

Posted: July 28, 2007 in Family Time

The Family was at Ikea and The Curve, window shopping for the new house. 

In the evening, May was bugging Aba and Ama to go home (?). 

Apparently, she remembered Ama telling her that Aba and Ama’s birthday will be celebrated (together) with CAKE on Saturday. 

And so Ama bought a coffee-choco cake on the way back, and The Family had a cake-cutting ceremony! 

  1. 1+2mom says:

    Happy Birthday to Aba!! So sweet to have family celebrate together.

    You had been tag, please click to here for detail.


  2. Yuki says:



  3. wong says:

    1+2mom, Yuki, thank you.


  4. Anonymous says:

    gong xi、gong xi!
    sweet memory~^^


  5. wong says:

    Anonymous, thank you.


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