For Old Times Sake!

Posted: August 11, 2007 in Family Time

A long time ago (> 10 years), Aba used to eat at Carl’s Jr. near Kota Raya. But they were closed down. 

Recently, a Carl’s Jr. was opened in One U. Aba just had to try it, for old times sake! 

Ama and May had already ‘booked’ the Family’s dinner for the day to be at the Thai BBQ Steamboat. So Aba got just a burger fries and soda combo at Carl’s Jr. – it came up to RM20!!! 

Quite a bit more expensive than before! 

Still, it was arguably more ‘gourmet’ than Burger King. 

The bun was tastier, there was a bigger, fresher slice of tomato and greens, and the grilled chicken was as thick as thumb! 

There was a bit of a queue, as the place was still new. 

Hopefully they’ll survive when the novelty value goes off – the pricing seems a bit stiff for just a burger (RM16)!. 


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