Missing Patrick

Posted: August 13, 2007 in Family Time

Some time ago, there was a ‘Looking for Ivan’ incident, where there was a mad scramble to find Jern’s irreplaceable soft toy, without which Jern cannot sleep in peace (and neither can Aba and Ama!). 

Now, there is a ‘Looking for Patrick’.  

Sarn’s soft toy has been missing since before Ama took the Kids to Apo’s place. 

After coming back home, Aba and Ama still could not find Patrick! 

Sarn was frantic. It was bedtime already – where could the red dog be?!? 

Apparently, Sarn had stuffed him in the top drawer of the kitchen set! 

  1. jacss says:

    hahahaha…………..cute cute !!
    luckily my kids don’t have any irreplaceable soft toy or the like !!!

    but i particularly like the kitchen set………how much would one cost?


  2. wong says:

    jacss, the ‘irreplaceable toy’… try not to let them have one if possible 😉

    bought the Kitchen Set from Toy’s ‘R’ Us (again?!) last December, about RM150+-… our kids like it too, that’s their everyday-must-play-at-least-once-toy. 😛


  3. […] Sarn chose an Ultraman Toy (Red like ‘Patrick‘). […]


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