Posted: August 17, 2007 in Family Time

Ama took the Kids to the 3rd Parenthood Expo at Mid Valley Megamall this afternoon. 

We planned to go to the Expo by 11am but the Kids woke up late (11:15am) and we reached the Expo around 12:30pm after breakfast. 

It was MEGA crowded.  

Apparently, there were 3 exhibitions going on at the same time… The 3rd Parenthood Expo, The Consumer Fair and The Education and Career Fair.

It seems to Ama that the Expo is getting worse each year.

Ama left to meet Lily and son and mother from anggugu after half an hour. 

Later, while we walked around the mall, the Kids saw Lanterns! 

Ama bought 3 – 2 fish for Jern and May, and 1 chick for Sarn (Kids choose the lanterns themselves). 

Ama also bought some mooncakes, before coming home. 

  1. jacss says:

    yeh…..lanterns are indeed beautiful !!
    and i saw yr double pram ehh……..ohhhh i used to dislike that during my time coz it attracted too much unwanted attention so in d end, i sold off our twin pram & resorted to 2 single instead……..seow wan hor…..hehehe !!!


  2. wong says:

    jacss, i go out quite offen and most of the time Aba is not following (especially on weekdays)… since i cant affort to ‘push’ 2 strollers and look after the jiejie at the same time… i rely so much on it 😉


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