Family Trip: Port Dickson

Posted: August 19, 2007 in Family Time

Yesterday, Aba nonchalantly suggested that the Family go for an outing the next day. Somehow it was decided that the trip would be to Port Dickson. Ama knew about the man-made beach resort there. The Kids were so excited. 

This morning, the Family woke up at 8am and set out for PD at 9am. We arrived at the Tiara Beach Resort by 10:30am. 

The Family soon found out that the Tiara Beach was not for the public. In fact, it was ‘strictly-for-registered-guests-only’. And the gate guards were quite insistent too…


Anyway, the Family got in (don’t ask how) and the Kids were wowed by the humongous pool + waterfall + water slides + fake beach etc. They wasted no time in getting themselves dirty in the large sand box. 

Meanwhile, Aba grabbed a bite at the Beach Café. Horrendous Nasi Lemak + Soda RM11!! 

When Aba got back, the Kids were still building sand castle (actually, more like digging trenches). Aba then took May to the slide + swing for kids section for some fun ‘n’ games. 

Unfortunately, May only tried the slide once (after quite a bit of procrastination) and was too scared to try again. However, she was already crazy happy just splashing around. 

After some time, Aba and May got back to Ama and the Twins at the sand box area. Ama then took the Kids to the fake beach for some splashing around, while Aba away time with Rubik’s Cube. 

Finally, it was time for lunch. 

The Family went out to a nearby Chinese restaurant and had fried beehon, beancurd and crabs! 

It was the school holidays, and many group of boy scouts and girls guides passed by the restaurant, one group eating right at the next table (They were actually from PJ and Kelana Jaya!). Typical school holiday trip to PD (boring!). 

And then it started to rain. So the Family decided to go home. 

  1. jacss says:

    Oh, you went in for d pool without staying over night at the resort/hotel?? can meh?? nevermind lar, since u said dun asked……blek!!

    I’ve been to this place too & my kids love it too………


  2. wong says:

    jacss, we didnt know they dont welcome ‘public’…
    i was trying to find out from their website, but their didnt mention. o.O’


  3. papajoneh says:

    Hi there.. yenlin wong?
    got your msg from the contact form. thanks for dropping by. Appreciate that. I got this escape to visit your blog coz… my elder son relaxing watching Jojo’s circus, wife giving Preston water while Presley sleeping.. so a bit time for me to hop at your place.

    I love watching kids playin in the water… but i guess mine have to wait. you quite VIP, eh.. to get the free entrance… well don ask rite LOL.
    ok cya around..hope we can do this more often. 🙂


  4. papajoneh says:

    Sorry, ask again… do u have twins too? sorry can’t find the post saying u r.. probably im blurred oredi 🙂


  5. eveのmum says:

    looks so fun~the kids
    looks so tasty~the crab
    such a~happy trip!!!~^^


  6. 1+2 mom says:

    I also want to go!!!But i dun we can for this holiday, maybe will go for the next one 🙂 aiks thought want to ask how to go in but…sob sob..nvm lok they so enjoy the trip.

    p/s : i had register my son for tomorow workshop, see you there 🙂


  7. wong says:

    papajoneh, thanks for dropping by too 😉
    we have one daughter (4 1/2 yrs) and twin boys (2 yrs)

    eveのmum, yaaa… the ‘Kids’ were very happy.

    1+2mom, sorry but think better not teach u ‘bad thing’.
    hope to see u 2moro then.



  8. PapaJoneh says:

    no updates Yenlin?
    well take your time.. u probably busier than me. Just wanna say good morning at 6am now… work up to make milk for babies when just hopping around now 😀


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