Bread from the Heart

Posted: August 23, 2007 in Family Time


May was so looking forward to this Bread Baking Workshop since her Pizza-Making outing the last time. 

It started raining around 12pm, so Ama decided to go earlier. Ama and the Kids reached The Curve at around 1:50pm.

Ama met up with 1+2mom and her family. Her son, Carter, was going to be baking bread with May! 

The Bread Baking Workshop was supposed to start at 2:00pm, it was almost 2:45 before the workshop commenced. There were a lot of participants this time and quite a few were late. And the workshop was conducted indoors because of the rain. 

The workshop taught the kids how to make 4 types of bread. May made the following:
  –         Cheese + sugar bread for herself
  –         Sausage bread for Jern and Sarn
  –         Onion bread for Ama
  –         Free Style’ for Aba (is it a sleeping snake?) 

At the end of the day, May received a certificate for her culinary efforts. 

Whole afternoon, while waiting for May, Jern and Sarn entertained themselves by playing with the chairs, the spare dough, and exploring here and there.  

They had May’s sausage bread for snacks. The Twins wanted to eat the ‘snake’ bread too, but May insisted on reserving it for Aba. 

The workshop ended at almost 5:00pm, so Ama decided to stay around for a while to avoid the rush hour. 

Ama and the Kids had dinner at a new steamboat restaurant in Ikano. Walked around a bit after that, and also tried the Q-jellies. 

Left The Curve around 7:30pm and got home at 8:45pm! (still very jam). 

There was a surprise waiting for May at home – it was a Barbie Doll Set gift from Aba’s cousin and family! 

  1. 1+2 mom says:

    wow..still can shop till late, my gal cannot ‘tahan’ want to sleep. It was great, hope next round my gals can join too.


  2. wong says:

    1+2mom, when is the next school holidays huh? you gals are almost 4 right? should be no problem then… 😉


  3. jacss says:

    wow…..May looked so matured & smart in her apron, cute girl!!

    looks like, lil daughter can ‘cook’ better than ama hor???

    finally……wah, d bread really can eat ahh? impressive!

    next time can consider this for my boys too…… sure they will be thrilled with the flour/dough!!


  4. wong says:

    jacss, the breads?? edible lor~ o.O’
    looking forward to meet you and the boys already!


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