Flower & Garden Festival

Posted: August 27, 2007 in Family Time

Today, Ama brought Apo and the Kids to the Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival 07 (‘Celebrating 50 years of a Nation in Bloom’) – aka ‘Florial’. 

It is supposedly Malaysia’s Largest Flower and Garden Festival. There are over 200 spectacular floral and garden designs by local and international award-winning designers. 

It would be going on from 25th August till 2nd September. Ama didn’t want to go during school holidays, so the outing was postponed to the 27th. 

Arrived 3:30pm and spent 1 ½ hours at the Festival.

The Kids were overjoyed and ran around excitedly like… kids,… in a candy store. Ama and Apo were very impressed by the displays too. 

The outing included:-
  –   The Floral Pavilion
  –   Garden square and bazaar
  –   Orchid competition and clinic
  –   Floral Art Village
  –   Showcase garden 

The only section not ‘visited’ was the ‘Meadow’. But the car was parked next to it, so Ama, Apo and the Kids did get a peek at it. 

  1. 1+2 mom says:

    You really ‘run’ outside often, full of energy!!!Salute you!!


  2. wong says:

    1+2mom, what to do? not much things to ‘entertaint’ them at home 😦


  3. jacss says:

    haha, this is another idea for us during this coming long weekend !!
    thanks for sharing!!
    we will ‘run’ there also………


  4. wong says:

    jacss, u know the place right?! lakefront, Precinct 2. Have a nice trip! 😉


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