Who Win Look-alike

Posted: August 28, 2007 in Family Time

According to the Look-alike Meter Ama found out from 1+2 mom 

May looks slightly more like Ama 

Sarn looks slightly more like Aba. 

 And, Jern looks equally like Aba and Ama. 


Ama’s conclusion: Draw. Everyone is happy. 

Aba’s conclusion: Should get Number 4 for tie-breaker? 

  1. eveのmum says:

    aha! i want to test it~^v^~see how d result!
    actually i agree that May looks like Ama; & d twins more like ur husband leh~^^


  2. 1+2 mom says:

    The result same as mine..haha..all happy 🙂


  3. wong says:

    eveのmum, hurry! hurry! i cant wait to see the result already 😉 but i guess 伊伊 will looks more like father huh!? 😛

    1+2mom, we really have a lots of things ‘in common’ huh? o.O’


  4. jacss says:

    good for u lar……..mine ahh, d system said all goes after d dad wor !!

    but nevermind lar, made d “man” happy in return he will pamper more lar hor ???


  5. wong says:

    jacss, i think i will keep trying with other photos until the system say at least one of the kids look more like me… ha ha ha… 😉


  6. eveのmum says:

    i tried several times leh~~~the ‘niddle’ turns left & right non-stop!!!
    i wonder why ~”~?
    try again later…


  7. wong says:

    eveのmum, err~ something wrong with your comp? o.O’


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