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Family Trip: Port Dickson

Posted: August 19, 2007 in Family Time

Yesterday, Aba nonchalantly suggested that the Family go for an outing the next day. Somehow it was decided that the trip would be to Port Dickson. Ama knew about the man-made beach resort there. The Kids were so excited. 

This morning, the Family woke up at 8am and set out for PD at 9am. We arrived at the Tiara Beach Resort by 10:30am. 

The Family soon found out that the Tiara Beach was not for the public. In fact, it was ‘strictly-for-registered-guests-only’. And the gate guards were quite insistent too…


Anyway, the Family got in (don’t ask how) and the Kids were wowed by the humongous pool + waterfall + water slides + fake beach etc. They wasted no time in getting themselves dirty in the large sand box. 

Meanwhile, Aba grabbed a bite at the Beach Café. Horrendous Nasi Lemak + Soda RM11!! 

When Aba got back, the Kids were still building sand castle (actually, more like digging trenches). Aba then took May to the slide + swing for kids section for some fun ‘n’ games. 

Unfortunately, May only tried the slide once (after quite a bit of procrastination) and was too scared to try again. However, she was already crazy happy just splashing around. 

After some time, Aba and May got back to Ama and the Twins at the sand box area. Ama then took the Kids to the fake beach for some splashing around, while Aba away time with Rubik’s Cube. 

Finally, it was time for lunch. 

The Family went out to a nearby Chinese restaurant and had fried beehon, beancurd and crabs! 

It was the school holidays, and many group of boy scouts and girls guides passed by the restaurant, one group eating right at the next table (They were actually from PJ and Kelana Jaya!). Typical school holiday trip to PD (boring!). 

And then it started to rain. So the Family decided to go home. 


It’s School Holiday!

Posted: August 18, 2007 in The Kids

School Holidays has started. 

Although the Kids are not schooling yet, Ama has enrolled May in the special Bread Baking Workshop at Marché Movenpick that meant for school break children. 

Last school holidays, May participated in the Pizza-Making Workshop. May Really had fun!

Hopefully she’ll like breadbaking as well. 


Posted: August 18, 2007 in Ama Time

刚才去Pasar Malam的时候, Ama目睹一个载着整家人的爸爸, 不理在前面等着的另外一个车主, 蛮横无理地抢了别人的泊车位. 

不但如此, 过后那个爸爸还向孩子炫耀自己是多么地醒目’,他们才不需要多花时间去找别的泊车位. (看得出)他的孩子也为自己的爸爸觉得很骄傲. 



很多年以前, 阿姨因为一句 横行的螃蟹怎么可能教会自己的孩子直走酱来批评舅舅教自己的孩子, 结果被舅舅掴了一巴掌. 

Ama 觉得阿姨并没有讲错 (虽然用语有点那个), 但她却因为舅舅接受不了事实而挨打


有人说: 父母是孩子的一面镜子. 父母是对孩子影响最先、最深的人,也是孩子模仿最早、最多的形象. 在孩子的身上, 往往可以看出其爸爸妈妈为人处世的哲学和做人的准则. 

所以说, 虽然不可能在孩子面前完全杜绝各种不宜的行为, 但能免地就必须免咯. 


Posted: August 17, 2007 in Family Time

Ama took the Kids to the 3rd Parenthood Expo at Mid Valley Megamall this afternoon. 

We planned to go to the Expo by 11am but the Kids woke up late (11:15am) and we reached the Expo around 12:30pm after breakfast. 

It was MEGA crowded.  

Apparently, there were 3 exhibitions going on at the same time… The 3rd Parenthood Expo, The Consumer Fair and The Education and Career Fair.

It seems to Ama that the Expo is getting worse each year.

Ama left to meet Lily and son and mother from anggugu after half an hour. 

Later, while we walked around the mall, the Kids saw Lanterns! 

Ama bought 3 – 2 fish for Jern and May, and 1 chick for Sarn (Kids choose the lanterns themselves). 

Ama also bought some mooncakes, before coming home. 


Posted: August 16, 2007 in Family Time


星期一到星期五, 一天教媄一个生字. 拜六礼拜是老师的休息日, 所以不用上课’ (好让媄有去上学的feel?!).  

一天一个生字会少吗? 见仁见智啦. 其实要她记得字怎样并不难, 但要她记得怎样读又知道字的含意就得多花一点时间了. 

开始时, Ama都是自己找字然后在家里印. A4纸切半, font150把字大大个印在中间酱来当字卡. 但由于纸太薄, 加上媄很喜欢一直拿来翻看, Ama心血往往没两下就会变成咸菜 

现在是用在大众书局买的红蜻蜓学前阅读计划识字卡. 一套RM16.80, 里头共有100个生字. Ama嫌字卡小张了一点 (9×9.5cm), 但胜在够, 也方便 Ama 不需要多花时间去找字再印出来. 


近来媄很喜欢尝试自己阅读Ama买给她的迪士尼月刊. 她会把已认识的生字圈起来,尝试去明白从中的内容, 再给Ama讲故事!! (虽然每一次她的故事都会9唔搭8). 


Posted: August 14, 2007 in The Kids

May drew Ama and WROTE Ama’s name on her own, and presented it to Ama as a gift.  

Missing Patrick

Posted: August 13, 2007 in Family Time

Some time ago, there was a ‘Looking for Ivan’ incident, where there was a mad scramble to find Jern’s irreplaceable soft toy, without which Jern cannot sleep in peace (and neither can Aba and Ama!). 

Now, there is a ‘Looking for Patrick’.  

Sarn’s soft toy has been missing since before Ama took the Kids to Apo’s place. 

After coming back home, Aba and Ama still could not find Patrick! 

Sarn was frantic. It was bedtime already – where could the red dog be?!? 

Apparently, Sarn had stuffed him in the top drawer of the kitchen set!