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New Puzzle Box

Posted: September 30, 2007 in The Kids

May already totally memorized the solutions to all the older puzzle boxes, and losing interest in them – so Ama bought her a new one. 

May’s newest puzzle box – North Pole Camouflage. 

Match the animals to their suitable environment (ages 7+). 48 challenges! 


Jern-Sarn-May Lingo

Posted: September 29, 2007 in The Kids

What to call ‘naughty’ boy/girl who doesn’t eat his veggies?
Man-eater (ie tiger-carnivore)  

What to call fastest eater?
Cheebit (fast like cheetah and eat lots of vege like rabbit) 

What to call fast eater?
Hobit (no relation to LOTR – fast like horse and eat veggies like rabbit) 

Wong’s Believe It Or Not!

Posted: September 28, 2007 in Ama Time

The cost to make a single meal of Ama’s white curry for the WHOLE family:-
  Carrot: 90¢
  Potatoes: 70¢
  Chicken: 4.80
  Onion: 30¢
  White curry stock: 4.20 

Only RM10.90 without rice. 

Cost outside? 

Priceless… NOT. (credit card not accepted) 


Posted: September 27, 2007 in The Kids

Ama and the Kids went for a stroll and came upon a mango tree! 

In the excitement of picking mangos, a little mango tree sap fell on Jern’s face and caused a burn! 

Ama was so frantic, but the doctor said that it would not leave a permanent mark. 

Midautumn Festival 2007

Posted: September 25, 2007 in Family & Friends


Ama and the Kids went to the ‘Mooncake’ gathering at her side of the family, while Aba and Grandpa went to the one at the ‘paternal’ side of the family. 

Aba joined Ama and the Kids for a while as well, before going back to the latter gathering to fetch Grandpa home. 

The Kids got to play with lanterns and eat lots of food like KFC and satay as well as fried mee hoon and other local fare. 

Ice cream was courtesy of Uncle ‘Ice Cream’ (guess why the nickname) who was up to his usual tricks of bribing all the children present with ice cream in order to get ‘affection’. 

The Kids were super happy!! 

WONG Mooncakes II

Posted: September 24, 2007 in Family Time

2nd batch Mooncake. 

Dragon fruit skin; Lotus paste filling with ‘egg yolk’ – The Family’s contribution to tomorrow’s Family’s Mooncake Festival gathering at Serdang. 

September Wedding

Posted: September 23, 2007 in Family & Friends

Yonks ago, around the time when Aba and Ama were in the Lion’s Club Youth Exchanged Programme between Malaysia and Japan (where Aba and Ama 1st introduced to each other, ie in Narita Airport), Aba had gone for some Japanese lessons. 

Although Aba had more or less ‘given back’ all the knowledge gained from those classes to the nice Japanese sensei at the school due to lack of practice, he still retained a good friend that was made there. 

Today, that good friend finally got married. It had been a long time coming, with Ama having tried to hook him up with several potential mates, without success. He finally found her on his own! 

In the morning, Aba as one of the ‘buddies’ (heng dai), participated in the ‘fetching the bride’ tradition. To gain access to the bride’s room, each ‘buddy’, including the groom, had to consume an ENORMOUS banana and a wabasi + chilli sandwich. Then, the groom sang a love song and gave the bride’s ‘sisters’ an ang pau and it was done! 

The Groom, The Bride and the ‘buddies’

The tea ceremonies took a bit more time, both at the bride’s and back at the groom’s (later). Then the groom took the ‘buddies’ for lunch at Steven’s Corner (none of whom had a proper meal the whole day, unless you counted the banana and sandwich!) 

In the evening, the whole Family made their way to the Rainbow Palace restaurant at Wisma Campbell for the wedding dinner. It was typical… with karaoke (groan). At least one of the guys at the same table (a good friend of Aba’s) got to sing as well. 

The food was excellent though (apparently, the restaurant is an established gourmet eatery with connections with the groom’s dad). Several important Datuks were in attendance and some old bloke from the Chinese Medicine Association also made a speech. 

There was a free flow of liquor and Aba drank his share. At the end, the groom himself was hammered! The ‘buddies’ rallied and saw him through to the closing.

And so a friend loses the ‘single’ status. Another wild mustang runs free no more. Aba’s bachelor friends are systematically being… domesticated.