Lantern Making

Posted: September 4, 2007 in Family Time

Ever since May saw the book – Mommy & Baby teaching how to make lanterns, May has been bugging Ama to help her make one… or three. 

So Ama took May to buy wires, bamboo sticks, coloured glass paper and lacy thread to make some. 

It took a while with May’s help, but the Kids soon had homemade lanterns! With custom Disney stickers! 

The Kids, especially May, went mad and ran around everywhere carrying their lanterns for the rest of the day! 

  1. 1+2 mom says:

    Nice and creative!!Good job mommy and the kids 🙂


  2. jacss says:

    really salute u lor………all d sweat & effort !!!

    i would just buy outside coz my boys would love characters like power rangers lar, superman, spiderman…… to made lah ????


  3. wong says:

    1+2mom, jacss, one of the way to stop ‘running’ around lor~
    btw, kids seem to like the ‘handmade’ one more 😉


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