Draw (again)

Posted: September 8, 2007 in Family Time

Case 1 

Ama was folding clothes, while the Twins were playing. 

Behind Ama, one of the Twins started climbing into a dangerous position. 

Ama glanced back once and admonished sternly: ‘Jern! Don’t be naughty!’ 

A tiny voice from the front: ‘Not me.’ 

Jern had been wrongly accused.  

Case 2 

The Family was in the Ikea carpark, getting ready to go home. 

One of the Twins was ‘degil’, not wanting to go home at the back of the car. 

Aba (in the front seat) without  looking back: ‘Sarn! Don’t be naughty!’ (because it’s usually Sarn who refuse to go home). 

Ama: ‘It’s Jern!’ 

Ama: 1
Aba: 1
Result: Draw 

  1. 1+2 mom says:

    It usually happend in my house too, they will correct us when we scolded the wrong person..haha.


  2. eveのmum says:

    what about May May? can she ‘recognize’ them?


  3. wong says:

    1+2mom, humans make mistakes huh… 😛

    eveのmum, sure! unless the Twins ‘misleading’ her… T_T


  4. jacss says:

    d stories sounded so similar…………..twins punya affair !!!

    the best part is, people got very happy with this type of mistakes !!!


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