Anggugu Mommy Meet

Posted: September 9, 2007 in Family & Friends

The Anggugu Forum Mommy Meet on Sunday was held at the ‘MyKTV’, MidValley from 1~3pm. 

Ama attended with the Kids. There were 8 ‘aunties’, 11 children and 2 husbands. 

Although the Meet was at a Karaoke Centre, only a few songs were sung – all the ‘aunties’ were too busy ‘ke-poh’ (including Ama!) and all the children went ‘mad’ clambering around the KTV room. 

  1. eveのmum says:

    you miss out mr wong ahh~^^
    we plan to go mid valley last sunday, but change to 1u finally~~~


  2. wong says:

    eveのmum, we decided to meet up there quite ‘last minute’… too bad he wasn’t able to join us


  3. 1+2 mom says:

    It was a nice place for mommy and kids son said want to go again.


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