Big Sister Talk

Posted: September 14, 2007 in The Kids

Overheard when the Twins are bugging ‘big sister’ May to get them drinking water:- 

May: Jern! You are ‘big brother! You must let ‘little brother’ Sarn 
        drink first and not fight to drink first, understand? See, big
         sister May also have to let ‘little brothers’ drink first…’ 

Jern – ‘blur sotong’ getting scolded. (ooi, I’m only a few minutes senior!) 

  1. sylviahoo says:

    Really sound like a ‘tai ka jie’, all brother need to hear what she said.


  2. wong says:

    sylvia, lucky her… coz the Twins still dun not how ‘fight back’ yet… @@


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