Big Boy IV

Posted: September 18, 2007 in The Kids

While queuing to pay for car parking at Jusco, a friendly malay kid was ‘goading’ Sarn to play with him – ie poking him and then ‘running away’ (repeat and rinse). 

Scardy-cat Sarn avoided him in typical Sarn fashion – slinky cat away. 

After a few times, Jern stepped forward and gave the playful kid a light shove: “Please don’t bully ah-Sarn!’ – in Big Brother tone! 

(NB: Jern is smaller than Sarn… and the other kid) 


For his trouble, Jern got a (small) admonishment from Ama for ‘shoving’ people. 

  1. jacss says:

    yeah….kudos to Jern in protecting his bro (koko?) !!
    if d samethg happen to my boys, i think …….they will do d same, hehe!!

    like my mom always said, “ta sei pat lei chan heng tai”…..u get it ahh?

    btw, yes i’m working FT……..nope, not as lucky as u leh, SAHM!!!


  2. eveのmum says:

    i wish i have a brother like Jern ~^^


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