Midautumn Festival 2007

Posted: September 25, 2007 in Family & Friends


Ama and the Kids went to the ‘Mooncake’ gathering at her side of the family, while Aba and Grandpa went to the one at the ‘paternal’ side of the family. 

Aba joined Ama and the Kids for a while as well, before going back to the latter gathering to fetch Grandpa home. 

The Kids got to play with lanterns and eat lots of food like KFC and satay as well as fried mee hoon and other local fare. 

Ice cream was courtesy of Uncle ‘Ice Cream’ (guess why the nickname) who was up to his usual tricks of bribing all the children present with ice cream in order to get ‘affection’. 

The Kids were super happy!! 

  1. sylviahoo says:

    your kids must be very happy can play with other kids. I also do the dragon fruit as the skin for the mooncake, it taste good.


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