Kai Ma Back in M’sia!

Posted: October 2, 2007 in Family & Friends

The Family woke up late, so the Kids took breakfast in the car (milk and roti) on the way to the airport. 

Got to destination on around noon. Ama got breakfast at KFC while the Kids played at the playground. 

And then it was off to the Viewing Area at level 5 to watch airplanes landing and taking off. 

Around 1pm, Ama and the Kids got to the Arrival Hall to greet ‘Kai Ma’ (Godmother). 

Kids are very excited! 

Every time a young woman comes out, the Kids would go ‘Kai Ma! Kai Ma!’. 

So Ama says that Kai Ma has long hair and carries a blue bag. The Kids scream ‘Kai Ma!’ every time a girl with blue bag emerges. Amusement ensues. 

Finally Kai Ma comes out! Present for all the Kids. Jern and Sarn – yukata and t-shirt each; May – rainbow t-shirt. They each got an Ang Pow from Kai Ma and husband (who didn’t come this time).  

And then it was back to KL – with a busted car air-con unfortunately! So hot! 

Back home, the Twins broke out their new yukata and wore them the rest of the day (and night). 

Crazy happy! 

  1. jacss says:

    kids always love going to airport ehh??
    never show kai ma face & pressies??


  2. Yuki says:

    glad to know that they like the gifts.


  3. eveのmum says:

    now i notice Jern & Sarn are tall… later sure they will taller then May May~^-^


  4. wong says:

    jacss, why most kids like airport huh?!

    yuki (aka Kai Ma), can i display your photo huh? thanks again for the present!

    eveのmum, how could it be like that huh!? i am sure i feed them the same stuffs!! T_T


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