A Costly ‘Kiss’!

Posted: October 20, 2007 in Ama Time

On the LDP heading towards The Curve, Ama got into a ‘pile up’ car accident (3rd car) at 3:40pm. 

Made a police report at the PJ State Police Station. Waited hours to see the sergeant for the report. 

Got ‘saman’ for the trouble (RM300 fine for not braking in time!!). 

011_.gif 011 image by onionethan

The car repair people ‘stalking out’ at the police station assisted in filling forms and undertaking the car repairs plus insurance procedures. 

Left police station 6:30pm. Car sent to workshop and the repair guy (a friendly ‘uncle’) dropped Ama and the Kids at the nearest LRT. 

Went to KLCC. 

Kids so excited at checking out police cars, bikes and officers that everyone forgot about lunch. 

Ama took them to KFC at KLCC to ‘reward’ them for being so well behaved at the police station. 

Aba came to ‘pick up’ Ama and Kids at KLCC, later. 

024_.gif 024 image by onionethan

Looks like Ama and Kids would have to use ‘the other car’ for the one week that the damaged car would require to be ‘fixed’. 

074_.gif 074 image by onionethan


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