Another Busy Day

Posted: October 23, 2007 in Family & Friends

As Apo was not free on yesterday, the weekly visit by the Kids was postponed to today. 

Ama’s car was still at the workshop, so the Kids got to go by train. 

Instead of taking the shortest route, Ama took the Kids for a ride on 3 train systems – Rapid KL, Putra and KTM. 

Journey took 2 hours 11 minutes! 

Kids happy! 

069_.gif 069 image by onionethan

At night, Aba drove down to Apo’s to pick up everyone, to go to Ama’s relative’s pre-wedding gathering at the bride’s. 

Catering service was used. Loads of people showed up and there were even impromptu karaoke sessions (very loud!) when the liquor started flowing… 

The Kids got to help make ‘tang yuan’ and also witness the bride’s ‘hairdressing’ ceremony. 

026_.gif 026 image by onionethan

  1. jacss says:

    u r such an energetic mom…….


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