First Movie

Posted: November 7, 2007 in Family Time


One week before, Ama bought the ‘Bee’ toy from Mc Donald’s, to show the Kids. Ama planned to bring the Kids to watch the Bee Movie at KLCC today. 

But because Ama had things to do at Taman Desa, the Kids were taken to the nearby Megamall for the movie. 

Unfortunately, Ama had not booked tickets there – a long queue had developed. Luckily Ama got a nice malay lady to ‘tumpang’ buy tickets. 

084_.gif 084 image by onionethan

It was the Twins first time at the movies; May’s 3rd time (before was, ‘Chicken Little’ and ‘Happy Feet’ – both accompanied by Aba). 

The Twins were expectedly scared of the dark and loud sound system in the theatre. But they eventually got used to it. 

023_.gif 023 image by onionethan

It was a good movie – very funny!  

070_goodjob.gif 070 image by onionethan

  1. 小女人 says:



  2. wong says:

    小女人, 那是一部很有趣的戏, 你们家小朋友也一定会着迷的~ 🙂


  3. sylviahoo says:

    I thought not so nice, the cartoon char. not so nice so we didnt bring them to watch.

    First time movie, i think most of the kids will scare of the dark but we told the kids b4 they go in how the cinema look like and what will happen next (like the movie start the light will off). So my kids all ok for it, they had watched at least 5 movies with both of us.


  4. jacss says:

    wow…yr boys can stand all d way till the move finished ahh? mine ahh….1st time only 1/2 hour…start running up & down the stairs!!
    then 2nd time, about 45mins….chau kung/slept edi !!

    so better not waste $$$ but get copy cat wan……hehehe!!


  5. wong says:

    sylvia, jacss, maybe Kids have no chance watching at home at all… they really had good time… and cant wait for the next movie already 🙂


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