New Washing Machine

Posted: November 15, 2007 in Family Time

The washing machine has kaput. 

Originally, Ama had wanted to buy a new washing machine when moving to the new house. 

Instead, the Family had to buy one now! 

Went to Harvey Norman at Pavillion (having grand opening sale) and bought a front-loading washer from LG. 

Has hot water and is supposedly powerful. 

Will be delivered on Saturday. 

070_goodjob.gif 070 image by onionethan

  1. 小女人 says:

    opening sale 何时结束?折扣多少?



  2. wong says:

    小女人, 听他们讲好像是到18号而已… 我们家买那架, 比原价便宜400多块, 但已经是最后一架了.


  3. jacss says:

    did u get the one that has dryer function too?? if i’m ever changing to a new one, i won’t hesitate……less chores, haha!!


  4. wong says:

    jacss, a friend of mine told me if possible do not buy the 2 in 1 one… less ‘efficient’ or something like that wor… plan to get a dryer later 🙂


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