Kids Go Party

Posted: November 17, 2007 in Family & Friends

Aba’s friend had a barbecue birthday party for his son (10 months younger than May). 

Loads of people came to eat BBQed sausages, chicken wings, satays and lamb chops. There was also fish, sotong and sweet potato cooked in aluminum foil. 

Real charcoal was used! The father had a lot of experience doing barbecues – worked thru the whole night! 

083_.gif 083 image by onionethan

Loads of toys were prepared to ‘entertain’ the kids who came for the party, but only Jern Sarn May and babies played – most of the kids were busy with the PS2 game console! 

There was jelly and watermelon dessert and finally, a Power Range cake, with toy cars for all the kids who came! 

Kids happy! 

084_.gif 084 image by onionethan


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