Pilot Play & Draw Mat

Posted: November 19, 2007 in Family Time

Ama got a friend (from anggugu.com) who married a Japanese to buy a play and draw mat for the Kids. 

It’s available thru amazon.co.jp but not the American site. 

It’s a cute drawing mat that uses ordinary water for ‘ink’! 

Kids can stamp or draw using pen-like holders filled with water.

After 20 seconds the area dries and the color disappears. So the Kids can draw over and over again! 

021_.gif 021 image by onionethan

NB: the play and draw mat comes with 2 pens and 4 stamps. Ama bought extra pen. 

057_.gif 057 image by onionethan

  1. 小女人 says:


    是否可以通过上面那个website 买??


  2. wong says:

    小女人, 听论坛的朋友说, Garden 好像有卖, 但, 是thomas & friend 的, 也比较贵 (rm200++).

    我们家买那一组rm150+-, 也有rm110+-的, 你可以参考… 这里. 🙂

    amazon.co.jp 卖的… 好像没有外送出日本… amazon.com 有一款查不多一样的… 但也很贵


  3. jacss says:

    this is really interesting…..this ama so adventurous & creative!!

    i see some figures above, are they the price of the drawing mat? rm150/110….wah…a lil expensive too !!!

    i always wonder how worth is it to purchase from overseas ebay/amazon site as the shipping fees could be killing?


  4. sylviahoo says:

    It’s cute but i’m very sure my kids just play awhile and leave so i didnt buy.


  5. wong says:

    jacss, our set rm150+- included shipping… i also think a lil expensive (now) 😛

    sylvia, hope mine are not ‘three-minutes-hot’ too 😉


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