May Goes To School

Posted: January 3, 2008 in The Kids

May’s 1st day going to the Kindergarten. 

The most excited person: Aba! 

Woke up before 7:30am to wake up Ama and May, to get ready. 

059_.gif 059 image by onionethan

The 1st 2 days are ‘Orientation’ – from 8:30~10:30am. Normal schooling hours is 8~12o’clock. 

Ama biggest fear didn’t materialise – May didn’t cry or had a tantrum. 

Haven’t really made new friends yet, but May is off to a good start! 

May thought Ama had gone home during schooling hours, but Ama was actually ‘hiding and observing’! (Aba was looking after the Twins at home). 

014_.gif 014 image by onionethan

May reported everything that happened to Ama – the Kids found ‘found’ their seats, drew some pictures, had snacks… 

May even had her drawing shown as an example to the other kids! 

007_.gif 007 image by onionethan

  1. Yuki says:

    Kids are growing very fast…This minute May still a baby and the next minute, she is in kindergarden!!! With a blink, May might be wearing the wedding dress… my god… please slow down!


  2. sylviahoo says:

    A great start!!!Good gal!!Next week mummy can go home takecare the twins no need play ‘hiding and observing’with May 🙂


  3. jacss says:

    May is another angel it seems… lucky u r?? no headache & no need ‘kik sam’……like some kids were doing to their parents!!

    hey, which kindy was that?


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