CNY 2008 Preparation

Posted: January 16, 2008 in Family & Friends

The Family has already started receiving CNY greeting cards from the very far (half-way across the world, like London), to quite far (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore), to the extremely near (ie next door neighbour)… 

But, Ama had yet to write the 1st CNY 2008 card to be sent out! 

Neither has the Family bought a single CNY festive decoration, traditional foodstuff, gift for relatives and friends, or even one piece of new clothing to ‘receive’ the new year! 

Only 3 weeks more! Aaaaaa! 

 006_.gif 006 image by onionethan

  1. eveのmum says:

    that’s why i go pasar malam monday till friday, every where around KL! can’t get any things at shopping mall…but please do not bring ur kids to pasar malam, ok! cause moutain people moutain sea…@~@”


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