Work of Art

Posted: January 19, 2008 in The Kids

Went to Ikea to buy lamps and lighting for the new house. 

021_.gif 021 image by onionethan

There was a CNY special ‘workshop’ going on for kids – lantern painting, window art, t-shirt painting etc. 

The Kids enthusiastically joined in, after Ama ‘cashed-in’ on the Ikea receipts to get vouchers for it. 

The Kids did lantern painting and window art (butterfly). 

They made such a mess of themselves with the paints, and the staff had to keep changing the cleaning water in their mugs. 

They also made butterflys! (window art) 

014_.gif 014 image by onionethan

That night, the Kids ‘tucked-in’ their butterfly before going to bed themselves. 

Aww, so cute! 

017_.gif 017 image by onionethan

  1. jacss says:

    your kids looked so attentive to their work……no doubt paid ama’s effort! but then, i would have scream looking at the mess on their clothes man….


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