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New Year, New Beginnings, New Friends

Posted: February 29, 2008 in The Kids

Since May started kindy, Aba has been encouraging her to make friends there. 

Taught her to say “My name is May, what’s yours?” in Mandarin, as an introduction. (May couldn’t speak Mandarin at all yet).

After a month, May overcame her shyness and made her 1st friend (previously, she only had play-buddies-of-convenience). 

Now, she has 4 friends. 

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Rabbit Sarn

Posted: February 26, 2008 in The Kids

So Ama cooked Japanese curry chicken (with potatoes + carrot) 

Sarn: Sarn only eat carrots.

Ama: Why?

Sarn: Because Sarn is a rabbit, like at May’s school.

Ama: The rabbits there are in a cage. So you want to be caged?

Sarn: … OK. Sarn will eat chicken and potatoes. Sarn NOT rabbit. 

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CNY 2008 is over!

Posted: February 23, 2008 in Family Time

So Ama allowed the Kids to open their Ang Paus. 

They were like: “Wow! RM5!”, “Wow! RM2!”, “Wow! RM5” etc. 

Apparently, opening Ang Paus is more amusing then packing Ang Paus with money! 

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Bus Driver Jern

Posted: February 22, 2008 in The Kids

Jern at play – pretending to be a driver, bussing a full load of passengers to school (like Ama). 

Refused to take Sarn though. 

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CNY 2008 Day 13

Posted: February 19, 2008 in Family Time


So the Family went to the FGS temple at Jinjarum. 

It took more than an hour by car to get there! 

Before entering the temple grounds, we had dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant (streamed fish, sweet and sour pork, teppan tofu and vegetables). 

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And it was to the temple! 

The Kids had been there before, of course. 

Last year, during CNY (“Chap Goh Mei”) the Twins still had to travel by stroller. 

This time, they were more able to appreciate the sheer size of the place – as they had to walk it! 

The temple is arguably one of the finest in Klang Valley with many exquisite landscaping and sculpture of the deities. 

This year, the crowd was just as thick, with quite a few non-chinese! 

Even if they weren’t devotees, they could admire the beauty of the place, for it exuded that, as only considerable wealth could instill. 

They must have very generous sponsors! 

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CNY 6 to 11

Posted: February 18, 2008 in Family & Friends

CNY Day 6 

So May’s kindy started again today. 

The teacher gave her a mandarin orange and an ang pao. 

May super happy, though she didn’t understand why the ang pao contained ‘papers’ and chocolate ‘gold coin’ candies instead of money. 

In the afternoon, Aba’s good friend came to visit with his only son (10 months younger than May). 

The Kids were soon playing until the boy didn’t want to go home! 

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At night, Ama’s biaoge had an ‘open house’ where everyone had steamboat. 


CNY Day 7 

人日” – but no special celebration. 

Aba’s friend came at night, and brought the good news that his wife is pregnant. 

Later went out for drinks at Steven’s Corner, where another mutual friend (+ partner) joined in. 

Apparently the latter friend was getting married (to the partner) on October 18! 

CNY Day 8 

It’s Valentine’s Day. 

For the FIRST TIME, Aba and Ama didn’t go somewhere special for dinner. 

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Ama only got a Valentine’s SMS. It was because Ama’s relatives had come to the new house for CNY visit. 

Ama’s cousin’s wife fell into the longkang at the neighbours’ as she was getting out of the car. 

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Some bruises but not seriously hurt, thankfully. 

CNY Day 9 

Went to Ama’s cousin’s house in Kajang. 

Aba was nominated ‘Greatest Baby Sitter’ by all ‘aunties’ present. 

Left around 11:40pm and reached home after midnight. 

CNY Day 10 

Aba college mate and good friend came to visit with his son. 

His second child, a baby boy was born just before CNY. 

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The son played Aba’s X Box 360 the entire afternoon! 

Meanwhile, Ama brought the Kids out later. 

1st visit was to Aba’s auntie in Setapak. 

And then it was to May’s little friend’s house at Old Klang Road. 

Also stopped by at the auntie’s who fell into the longkang. 

After that, went to a good friend’s house in Serdang. 

Finally, visited another cousin’s ‘open house’ in Taman University Indah. 

Super tired! 

CNY Day 10 

Went to a shopping mall for the 1st time since CNY 2008. 

It was Pavillion, KL. 

Had lunch at the sumptuous Teppanyaki at the Food Republic. 

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Aba went for a movie (‘Jumper’) while Ama and the Kids ‘played’ at the Time’s Bookstore (children department). 

Dinner was at Fatty Mok’s (Yong Tau Foo + Curry Mee) at Salak South Garden. 

— Additional Note — 

No Yee Sang yet this CNY for Ama + Kids ( Aba had it at a relative’s annual dinner at Imbi Palace). 

And NO LION DANCE (though the Kids did see it at Harvey Norman PRIOR to CNY). 

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CNY 2008 Day 5

Posted: February 11, 2008 in Family Time

For the 2nd time since May was born, Aba and Ama sneaked away to watch a movie (Kung Fu Dunk), leaving the Kids with Apo. 


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Tomorrow, Aba returns to work, and May goes back to school. 

But, there are still many CNY gatherings pending…