CNY 2008 Day 13

Posted: February 19, 2008 in Family Time


So the Family went to the FGS temple at Jinjarum. 

It took more than an hour by car to get there! 

Before entering the temple grounds, we had dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant (streamed fish, sweet and sour pork, teppan tofu and vegetables). 

061_.gif 061 image by onionethan

And it was to the temple! 

The Kids had been there before, of course. 

Last year, during CNY (“Chap Goh Mei”) the Twins still had to travel by stroller. 

This time, they were more able to appreciate the sheer size of the place – as they had to walk it! 

The temple is arguably one of the finest in Klang Valley with many exquisite landscaping and sculpture of the deities. 

This year, the crowd was just as thick, with quite a few non-chinese! 

Even if they weren’t devotees, they could admire the beauty of the place, for it exuded that, as only considerable wealth could instill. 

They must have very generous sponsors! 

052_.gif 052 image by onionethan


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