Wow! VIP!

Posted: March 3, 2008 in Ama Time

So Ama went to May’s future primary school (picked out of 3 schools, after much consideration) to register for classes, today. 

059_.gif 059 image by onionethan

Ong Tee Kiat was there to ‘assist’ parents. 

He said that he was NOT there to pull votes for the coming election, but was merely there so see if anyone needed help. 

052_.gif 052 image by onionethan

In any case, it took Ama hours to get the registration done, no thanks to the hoo-haa resulting from the presence of a ‘VIP’. 

048_.gif 048 image by onionethan

  1. 小女人 says:



  2. jacss says:

    we queued up nearly 50 mins just to get the no. giliran…….


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