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Shy Grass

Posted: April 24, 2008 in The Kids

The Kids discovered a curious plant growing in front of the house.

When touched, the plant would ‘shrink’.

It took a while, before it ‘opened’ up again.

The Kids were so thrilled with this finding that they spent almost an hour sitting around it – touching it and squealing in delight when it ‘shrank’, then patiently waiting for it to ‘open’, before doing it again.


Academics (May)

Posted: April 21, 2008 in The Kids

After 4 months of kindy, May has learnt to write…

She proudly showed Ama her 1st Chinese characters, written on her own, without external reference.

New Family Member

Posted: April 20, 2008 in Family Time

The Family is expecting a new ‘member’.

And it’s ‘Hiro’ the turtle!

Since they were still at the old house, the Kids had been wanting a pet.

When they shifted to the new house, they’ve been greeting the neighbour’s turtle (which had its aquarium in the porch) every morning.

Finally, Ama bought a turtle aquarium yesterday.

Today, Hiro came home.

* named by May.

Green Fingers

Posted: April 16, 2008 in The Kids

When the Family mowed into the new house, spring onions and watermelon were being grown in the Kid’s ‘garden’ patch.

The Family ate a little too much spring onions for a while.

The watermelon plant was pulled of the ground by the Twins.

Now, the Kids are growing ladies finger and sweet corn.

Everyday after fetching May to kindy, the Twins water and tend to their plant when they come back.

Kid’s Play

Posted: April 13, 2008 in The Kids

May and Jern had a toy Fireman’s hard hat, a bib as fireman’s jacket and a stick as a water hose.

So they put the three together and pretended to be firemen!

They used a stick to simulate the fireman’s hose, and pretended to put out ‘fire’ all over the house.

Then they got Sarn to act as a SNAKE, so that they could pretend to be firemen helping out people in catching wild snakes, to protect them.

So Sarn crawled around ad pretended to be a snake, for May and Jern to catch… sia!

Work Of Art

Posted: April 7, 2008 in The Kids

Jern and Sarn created this ‘work-of-art’ in a cooperative effort at the National Craft Day fair 2008.

Bread Town Adventure

Posted: April 6, 2008 in Family Time

Ama bought tickets to Bread Town at SmartKids Fair

Today, the Family decided to go.

Before setting out, the Family tried out the breakfast menu at the local KFC. Only the Nasi Lemak and the sausages were available. Frankly, we found them less satisfying than… say, McBreakfast.

And then it was off to Shah Alam, where Bread Town was located (home of the High 5 loaf, for those who didn’t know).

It’s actually a sort of Museum, with exhibits explaining the development of bread from the time of the Egyptians till now…

There was also a ‘Bridge’ that allowed people to tour their bread factory (biggest in Malaysia).

A helpful guide explained all the exhibits interesting bits regarding the bread history.

The Kids had a blast!

They also came back with goodies bags (mostly bread products). Aba and Ama also bought loads of cakes and stuff there.