Fire Kids Safety Workshop

Posted: June 8, 2008 in The Kids

The Family woke up early, and hurried to the Weld for May’s ‘Fire Kids Club Safety Workshop’, that Ama booked for her earlier

Was early, so took breakfast at McD’s.At around 11:30am, May and about 150 children sorted into the main floor, sitting in sequence.

Then the ‘Fire Chief’ began instructing the children on the activities (he was quite ‘fierce’)…

1. Learning to ‘roll’ to put out fire

2. Crawling along to move beneath the smoke in case of fire

3. How to crawl-drag a fellow survivor

4. Crawling through ‘tunnels’ and how to open locks with key while eyes are closed because of the fire

5. Putting on mock ‘fireman’ uniform and gear

6. Going to save a baby in teams 4 ‘firekids’

After going through the ‘training’, the children got free + food + toy from McD’s.

And then each participant was awarded a cert and a goodies bag!

The event was organised by the volunteer fireman’s association or something like that.

The whole thing was sponsored and was staffed by volunteers.

It was free!

After the award giving, the kids could also go see a real fire engine!


P.S. last day of school holidays. Back to school for May tomorrow!


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