International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009

Posted: March 25, 2009 in Family Time

It was initially intended that the Family would get to the venue at Putrajaya by 7:30am.

Unfortunately, everyone only woke up at 7:30am!

Rushed there, reaching around 9am… but still missed the show!

There was a whole field of food tents selling local treats, and a few ‘para-flyers’, but the hot air balloon show was over for he morning!

Only one hot air balloon remained – and it was not part of the show!

It was pay-to-ride, and all the tickets were sold out.

The family decided to come back 5 in the afternoon to catch the evening show.

Got there around 5pm and waited a whole hour before they started filling the balloons, 2 at a time.

There were competitors from all over the world, including Japan, Germany, France, Malaysia (of course) etc.

Around 6:30pm balloons took off, but one didn’t make it.

At the end, when the sun was setting, the ‘special’ balloons were filled – Elephant, Nescafe Cup and peacock.

Firing the hot air lit up the balloon, which looked amazing in the dim light – but the balloons didn’t leave the ground, sigh.

Still, the Kids had a great time!

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