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Early Present

Posted: June 28, 2009 in Ama Time

Aba got Ama a book (large print version) for their 7th wedding anniversary (again), 2 weeks early.

It’s “Gone Tomorrow”, the long awaited Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child.

Ama is a BIG fan!


The Kids have been anticipating the ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ movie since Aba promised to take them to watch it some time ago.

Finally, the Family went to KLCC to watch the movie.

The Kids were super excited throughout the journey there.

Luckily Ama already booked tickets in advance, because there was a big crowd.

The Kids couldn’t wait for the movie to start.

Unfortunately there was 1-2 hour more before show time.

Took lunch at Sakae Sushi and went to Toy ‘r’ Us.

Saw the Transformers toys which got the Kids even more excited.

At last, it was time for the movie.

The Kids had a blast watching all the action and kept asking about the ‘robots’.

They were still talking about it when the Family got home.

So the Family went to A’ Famosa Waterpark.

There was the wave-making pool, where Aba towed the Kids deeper atop a 2-person air raft.

When the siren went off, the ‘waves’ started, rocking the raft.

Jern got so scared that he insisted on staying with Ama ashore for the subsequent ‘wave’ sessions!

Aba took May for the ‘Body Slide’, which was a long, high-speed tube slide that twisted and plunged 3 storeys…

May went down together with Aba and still had a scare, especially after hitting the water at the end.

After the free lunch, the Family spent rest of afternoon at the children’s water playground.

Kids were ecstatic.

NB: Noticed that except for Sarn, all the Kids had messy hair after coming out of the water.

Apparently, Sarn would smooth his hair immediately after coming out of the water, each & every time!

Twin B-day

Posted: June 6, 2009 in Family & Friends

The Twins woke up and found their birthday present!

Went to the Anggugu meet cum birthday party in the afternoon. The meet was supposed to be karaoke, but NO ONE SANG.

School Holidays!

Ama brought the Kids to Putrajya.

There’s a Dragon Boat Festival going on, in a man-made lake.

Ama almost fainted from exhaustion.

Slept for >12 hours after coming back! And got sun burnt too!

Movie: Monsters v Aliens!

Posted: June 3, 2009 in Family Time

Ama took the Kids to watch the long awaited movie: Monsters v Aliens!

There were McD toys of characters from the movie – and they all chose this one (OMG)!.

After the show and dinner, the Kids had fun at the Lego event going on at KLCC.

Cosplay Sarn

Posted: June 2, 2009 in The Kids

Guess who is Sarn trying to imitate (with just one trashed plastic bag?).

Captain Jack Sparrow!