Open Day & Gardenia Bread Factory Tour

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Family & Friends

Other schools has their ‘open day’ before mid year school holidays.

May’s kindy had it only today.

Aba and Ama were very ‘excited’ (ie anxious) because May said previously that she peeked at her report card and saw that she had full marks for 3 subjects…. And one with 48, and one with 39! (She has reported it with enthusiasm, thinking it’s very good to have a ‘48’ and ‘39’!).

The long awaited day came…

Actually, May had 3 full marks, one 98 and one96!

The teacher told Aba and Ama that May is ‘creative’, ‘outspoken’ and doing well.


Also saw May’s handicraft and artwork on display at the kindy.

After May’s kindy’s Open Day.

The Family had Swordfish Fishball Mee for breakfast… then went to the Gardenia Bread Factory Tour.

Most of the other families from were already at the factory, though the Family wasn’t the last to arrive.

Was treated to a 20 minute video about Bread History and Gardenia.

Then had a brief tour of the factory, guided by a Gardenia spokesperson.

All in all, the factory was similar to the High-5 one, which the Family visited on 2008.

The High-5 tour didn’t have an elaborate video, but their Bread Museum and tour was more interesting.

Gardenia’s tour is FREE, though.


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