Sushi Making Fun

Posted: August 28, 2009 in Family Time

Ama took the Kids to the Sushi King education Programme at Cheras Leisure Mall this morning.

Reached there on time (9:30am).

After attendance was taken, there was an introduction by the Sensei.

We learnt some basic Japanese terms, like ‘irashaimase’, meaning ‘welcome’.

Next, the Sensei taught how to prepare sushi rice-mixing (in a traditional way) with vinegar, how to make it more fragrant, more delicious and sticky.

Then there was a demonstration of sushi making, including various type of sushi such as ‘nigiri’, ‘gunkan’, ‘maki’ and ‘temaki’.

We then got to practice making our own ‘nigiri’ and ‘gunkan’ sushi.

May was chosen to participate in the nigiri-making competition, and she was the best sushi maker in her group (fast and aesthetically best).

Got cash voucher as prize.

Before leaving, every participant was given a Bento box lunch set and a goodie bag.

Kids happy!


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