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Good Kitchen Helper

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Family Time

Sarn is always on the lookout to see when Ama is in the kitchen.

Sarn happy when Ama asks him to help out!


Had another Anggugu Mommy meet at Sunway Pyramid this afternoon.

A mommy + family came from Penang!

Usual activities – eat & chat, eat & chat and eat & chat!

Sekinchan Family Trip

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Family & Friends

The Family drove 1st to Kampung Baru Sg. Buloh to have dim sum breakfast with Ama’s net-forum-friend’s family, who would join us for the trip.

The Family had to wait for ½ hour because we had arrived early.

After breakfast, the 2 families drove to ‘monkey mountain’ in Kuala Selangor.

Took the tram ride up the hill to the fort ruins with lots of monkeys, old gunpowder cannons and a Museum of Selangor local history.

The tram took us to a ‘aquarium’ place before we left to go to Sekinchan.

Met 2 other families there at the terrace house we had rented for the night.

Oh no! Only had 3 bedrooms, so the husbands had to sleep in the common area.

Everyone had lunch at Jiann Chyi Restaurant, shark soup and stir fried shark.

After lunch, we all went to a temple in the middle of paddy fields to ‘pray-pray’.

Introduced the Kids to the rice plant. Also stopped by at man-made buildings used to house swallows, for their ‘bird’s nest’.

Close to evening, we all went to the beach.

It was full of sea shells and almost no sand!

The Kids had a great time collecting sea shells.

It started drizzling later, so everyone had to go back to the house for some rest.

At night, we all went to see fireflies at the ‘Firefly Resort’.

Family car had a tyre puncture on the way there, so did not get to go on the firefly boat ride together with the other – had to do it later.

The fireflies blinked quite brightly and looked beautiful in the quiet night, among the mangrove trees.

Had to keep the Kids quiet to avoid scaring the fireflies.

The next day, everyone went for breakfast at a nearby coffee shop.

Kids had roti canai while Aba and Ama had noodles.

Then went to a rice factory where the paddy was collected and reduced to ‘white’ rice for sale.

Bought some special ‘Pearl White Rice’ for RM5/kg to make sushi in the future.

After that, we drove around the fruit farms area to show the Kids various fruit trees, dragon fruit, start fruit, durian, mango, lime, sweet corn…

Went home after that, but stopped for lunch halfway to have ‘beggars chicken’ and seafood.


Not A Cake, Cake

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Ama Time

Ama contributed to the ‘B’day Party’ at May’s kindy for all pupils born in second half of 2009.

For just RM12, Ama made the pupils and teachers happy!

Balloon Sculpture Workshop

Posted: November 15, 2009 in The Kids

Found out about a ‘Balloon Sculpture Workshop’ at IOI Mall from the papers.

Brought the Kids there, where they taught how to make ‘sword’, ‘rabbit’ and ‘gun’ using balloons.

May bored, cuz she already knew how to make them


Posted: November 14, 2009 in The Kids

The Family all went to May’s Graduation Ceremony at her kindy.

She finished 2 years of pre-school at Methodist Ampang Kindergarten.

After speeches by several ‘VIPs’, there were performances (singing, dancing, story-telling etc) by the children.

May, as winner of the Malay story-telling competition, had a solo performance.

She also performed in several group dances/sketches.

For the prize giving ceremony, May received the coveted ‘Best Student’ award, the duet singing award, and got a cert for being one of the ten students in the 6-year-old pupils to successfully finish the English Reading Programme.

A lot of prizes for May!

Also got gifts (toys) from donors. Kids happy too.