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Kids Are So Easy To Please!

Posted: March 31, 2010 in The Kids

After school, May excitedly told Ama: ‘I’ve something to show you!’.

It was a small block of modeling clay.

Apparently this was her ‘award’ for having brought >10cm thick of newspapers for the school’s recycling project.

May so happy!


WC9 Method

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Ama Time

Chatting online…

Mrs : D’you know what’s the Shichita Method?

Ama: Yes.

Mrs : Oh, d’you use the Shichita Method to teach your children?

Ama: No, I use the WC9 Method.

Mrs : WC9 Method? What’s that?

Ama: hahahahahah…

(Apparently, not EVERYONE knows about WC9… need to do more marketing liao)

Note: WC9 = Wong Si Nai, Ama’s handle in the forum and the name of her e-shop.

Recycle Workshop

Posted: March 28, 2010 in The Kids

Took the Kids to a Recycle Workshop at IOI Mall.

Learnt to use disposable plastic bottles to make mini carry basket.

Cut and crafted plus used waste paper to beautify.

So sad that we were only 1 of 2 participants.

Armed and Dangerous

Posted: March 21, 2010 in The Kids

Aba just discovered that Sarn is ‘carrying’ ie weapons (plastic knife).

p/s: actually masquerading as Jack Sparrow?

Usually getting Ama to wake up 6am on non-school day is impossible.

BUT… today Ama and the Kids got up early for the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010.

Reached there before 7:15am and immediately queued up for balloon ride’s.

7:45am event started, Kids very excited.

p/s: the balloon ride which we queued for > 1hr, was cancelled because of the ‘hot weather’.

The Twins: Milestones

Posted: March 19, 2010 in The Kids

Before going to Kindy, the Twins couldn’t speak Mandarin.

Now, only several weeks (minus holidays), they can communicate in Mandarin, surprisingly.

Outing, Alice again

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Family Time, The Kids

Kids stayed the night at Apo’s.

Picked them up early in the morning and went to Megamall for the Alice in Wonderland Coloring Contest.

Contest ended at 12.

Participants were given certificates….. and May won!

When her name was announced, the Twins immediate burst into tears (but not happy!) – crying ‘why not me? I also coloured very beautifully!’ ‘cuz there was a armload of presents!

After lunch, Ama took them to watch Alice in 3D.

Unfortunately Sarn was too scared (why the people walking out the screen?).

Refused to wear his glasses and sat on Ama’s legs throughout the show.

May and Jern enjoyed it.

As usual, Ama enjoyed sleeping in the theater (children movie).