School Holiday @ Melaka

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Family Time

These School Holidays were coming to an end, so the Family had a trip to Melaka for the Kids.

Woke up early and drove to Melaka before 9am.

Had breakfast halfway at the Jejantas rest stop where Aba and Ama had nasi lemak with STALE eggs (didn’t eat them).

Drove on and goo off the Highway at Ayer Keroh.

Reached Taman Buaya around 10:20am.

Kids saw live crocodiles of all sorts and even attended a live show with a snake and crocodile (scary!)

Kids also rode the ‘Jurassic Park’ train ride with mechanical dinosaurs jumping out to scare passengers (Twins frightened!)

For lunch, the Family drove into Melaka city and had their famous Chicken Rice Balls at ‘Famosa Restaurant’.

Adjourned next (on foot) to Tan Kim Hock to buy preserved snacks like Pineapple Pie, Dried Mango & Pineapple, dodal…

Parked the car at a legal parking space (even bought and used parking coupons, which were required even on weekends and public holidays) and witnessed many cars getting tickets from hardworking cops!

Walked about the Dutch red buildings and went for a river boat ride farther on.

The Melaka government spent quite a bit to spruce up the view for tourism, and even had pump stations installed to control water levels and filter dirt.

Bought Cowboy hats for the whole family (at high prices!) for a little shade from the sun.

Walked around and went up to St Pauls Church (helped give directions to a Japanese couple too 🙂 ).

Also checked out a reconstructed cannon platform from the Portuguese and Ducth era.

Then had a long walk along Jonker Street.

Bought wooden ‘pirate’ guns for the Kids and also lego toys from the shops.

Ama also bought ‘special’ chopsticks (at high prices again!)

Finally, for dinner, the Family had Satay Celup at McQuek’s.

Cheap and tasty!

Kids enjoy!


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