Sports Day

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Family Time

Wake up early to get there in time. Still, a lot of people were already there by the time the Family got to Stadium Bola Sepak Tun Razak.

The event started at 7:45am with the Principles welcoming speech and the school band playing.

KC Kindy, Primary and Secondary Schools were all having their Sports Day together, May did not participate in events as only Primary 4+ were allowed at her school..

Jern Sarn had a picking up badminton shuttlecock race.

So the family moved to the opposite of the Stadium to watch them (Primary and Secondary were at the main entrance).

The Twins didn’t win which upset Jern terribly. He blamed his team members and had a little tantrum – bad!

Aba then had a parents relay event and managed not to finish last! (was in fact contention for prize but the team members after weren’t ‘athletic’)

Finished by 10:30 and went for Ampang Fishball Noodles.


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